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Erotic Hypnosis

There's no real way around the fact that sex is a huge part of our lives. Regardless of what religious or political parties would have you believe, it’s a massive part of a healthy life and it’s contributions to physical and mental health have been well documented. In short: healthy sex is great and there really isnt a reason that consenting adults shouldnt be enjoying a fullfilling and enriching sex life at all opportunities.

So, what exactly IS erotic hypnosis? Is it as intimidating as it sounds?

The first thing to address when talking about erotic hypnosis is the most obvious: Yes, it has a lot to do with sex. Like, a LOT. Because of that fact some people like to think “well this is definitely not for me then…” and if you fall into that category, I want to really encourage you to stick around and see exactly what it is that makes you think that and how to deal with that way of thinking so you can melt down some barriers and get on with enjoying yourself.

Because those barriers were actually not put there by you, they did not start with you and they don't end with you. Social pressures, negative experiences and shyness create barriers in most people that prevent many people from living a fully realized life in which you can set aside embarrassment, shame and the common misunderstandings we tend to develop regarding the amazing things our bodies, minds and spirits can do.

At heart, my approach to erotic hypnosis is two pronged. First I actually teach people to overcome the three biggest things that hinder most men and women in the pursuit of living a sexually fullfilled life: Unhealthy hesitancy, feelings of unworthiness and unnecessary shame regarding sexual matters.

The second tool in my approach is actually helping people explore exactly what it is that makes them enjoy their sex lives. Whether there’s an aspect of kink they’ve alway been secretly curious about and felt shame for, if they have irrationally concluded that they don't deserve to be happy, or if they struggle with actually achieving orgasm or even want to experience more powerful orgasm and remove barriers between themselves and their partners, whatever the issue is can be overcome by working deep within the unconscious mind.   

I’ve been studying Taoist Tantra, Sexual Kundalini, and ego-death based orgasmic techniques for over fifteen years now and I can tell you with authority one thing: You deserve to have the sexual life you want. You deserve the sexual and non-sexual pleasure you want.  All you have to do is put in the work. 

If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inability to ejaculate and or orgasm, matters to do with libido, desire, arousal, sex education, eroticism, sexuality and aging, porn and or sexual addiction and compulsion and it's resulting problems and effects, erotic empowerment for women and couples, sensuality and erotic education or more….I literally HAVE to ask what you’re waiting for.  

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