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Erotic hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis

The first thing to address when talking about erotic hypnosis is the most obvious: Yes, it has a lot to do with sex. Like, a LOT. Because of that fact some people like to think “well this is definitely not for me then…” and if you fall into that category, I want to really encourage you to stick around and examine what it is that makes you think that so you can melt down some barriers and get on with enjoying yourself.

When you learn to explore a hesitancy, feelings of unworthiness or unnecessary shame regarding sexual matters, you can find just how easily you can set those things aside and grow this part of your life to intensely satisfying levels.

What if I told you that it's perfectly ok to explore this part of yourself?   Whether there’s something   you've always been secretly curious about but scared to try, or if if you think you don't deserve this kind of happiness and you want to affirm how powerfully you DO deserve this, or if you want to increase your connection with your partner. Whatever it is you want to work on is possible and good for you.

I’ve been studying Taoist Tantra, Sexual Kundalini, and meditative orgasmic techniques for over twenty years now and I can tell you with authority one thing: You deserve to have the sex life you want. You deserve all the sexual and non-sexual pleasure you want.  All you have to do is put in the work. 

If you’re struggling with dysfunction,  anorgasmia, low or high libido, desire, arousal, sex education, eroticism, sexuality and aging, porn/sex addiction or you want erotic empowerment for yourself and your partner... I literally HAVE to ask what you’re waiting for.  

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