About Liberation Hypnosis

Since 2008, Nickolas Ely has served multiple communities with the goal of developing, sharpening and polishing the internal skills you need in order to build the life you want, on your terms.  He strongly believes that every person has the right to live their own life uninhibited by bad habits, past trauma, or current pains. With a diverse and powerful skill set, Liberation offers a uniquely integrative blend of both classical and neo-Ericksonian hypnotic methods to help you naturally, intuitively, and effectively reach your goals.

Nickolas has more than 22 years of experience practicing hypnosis and has had the honor of presenting multiple times at Hypnothoughts Live, the largest hypnosis convention in the world. Using a Neo-Ericksonian approach to hypnosis, Nickolas’ approach to the unconscious mind is both subtle and powerful with many clients never realizing the full depth of the trance experience until they recognize their goals achieved. Where many hypnotists take an authoritarian approach to hypnosis, this method allows for a cooperative hypnotic experience that provides an intuitively smooth progression into trance and hypnotic work that allows clients to comfortably, easily and effortlessly achieve their goals.

Nickolas is a proud member of such laudable professional groups as The International Hypnosis Association, The American Hypnosis Association, Mike Mandel’s Hypnosis Academy and more.


"I came in to see Nickolas so I could stop smoking. I was a bit nervous at first, but he clearly knew what he was doing. I went from a pack a day to being smoke free after the first session.  I don't even get cravings for cigarettes anymore. I honestly didn't think that was possible because I've tried so many times before but Nickolas explained how addiction works and how to rewire my brain and behaviors and it just worked."

Kate M.