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Past Life Regression

Life between lives.

 Look, I’ll be completely honest. 20 years ago I actually didn't believe that past life regression was real. As a degreed student of psychology I believed that it was actually just a powerfully metaphorical experience that gave the experiencer resolution to psychological events in a very meaningful way. It was powerful, it was healing and it was valuable. 

  I did NOT believe that anyone regressing to a past life was actually experiencing real and substantial material. Even with all the experience I had as a hypnotist, that seemed a bit far fetched. Now though, because of my own regressions with trusted friends and some extremely moving moments (listen to the audio below for one stunning example),  now I don’t believe… I know.

I absolutely know that part of us goes on after death. And I know that there's no real arguing that because we’ll all take that trip eventually. And I know it’s actually possible to contact that part of your Self that has gone on to your current life. And it’s completely mind blowing to experience the lessons that you learned in previous lives and see how they unfold here in the current day and how you can apply those lessons to grow emotionally and spiritually. 


  The greatest thing about this sacred work is that it really doesn't matter whether you believe if you’re contacting past lives or not.  You’re free to believe, as I once did, that this is merely psychological functions self-resolving or you can believe, as I now know, that you’re experiencing something truly deep and wonderfully soul-moving. Either is fine because you’re still going to experience something truly awe inspiring, something that moves you towards a better experience in the here and now, something that your unconscious mind, your spirit, longs for.

  So, if you’re looking for resolution of a deep longing that you can’t quite identify. If you’re experiencing unhealthy patterns in your life that you just can’t explain. If you need insight because life keeps throwing curveballs. If, like all of us do, you need to know more about what comes after this life, book your strategy session now and gain the insight you need.

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