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Healthy weight loss shouldnt be a struggle

Your body is a really complicated thing. Its a system of different systems that requires pretty consistent maintenance.  But when you, like everybody else, find it a struggle to maintain your bodies weight and health you can develop an extremely unhealthy relationship with your body. 

How many times have you or someone you know tried a new fad diet? A new exercise program? A new medication? A boutique gym facility? And how many times has all that failed to produce long term results?
The overwhelming majority of my weight loss clients experience that. They struggle and work their butts off but they always end up not where they want to be. They might get temporary results but then the weight comes back or climbs even higher.

And there's a lot of stuff to blame. Is it an overcomplicated plan? A goal that's unrealistic? Lack of motivation? Is the food that's bad for you just TOO delicious? Is it too hard to fit time into your schedule to exercise? Do you think you’re too old to exercise? Or is it something else? Something that always derails your success?

I’m Nickolas Ely. I’m a professional hypnotherapist and personal trainer with over thirty two years of experience in helping people lose weight, gain motivation and take their health back from weight related disease and injury.

In those thirty two plus years, I’ve learned several important lessons about our bodies and our health but the most important one is this: If we don't believe that we deserve the best possible health and physical condition that we can achieve…our minds will sabotage us in achieving it.

And that's where I come in.

Let me ask you this….what's the common denominator in all those options I just mentioned?

It's YOU.

It's the mindset you have. It's the belief system you live in that trains your mind to derail your success every single time. 

The good news is that when you train yourself to control that. When you take the reins of your unconscious mechanisms and put the power of your unconscious mind to work FOR become unstoppable. 




Most fitness programs fall short in addressing the most important part of your health: your mindset. 

Two Torches is the premier weight loss and health improvement system that gives you full control over you unconscious motivators, those parts of your mindset that keep you from the success that you're looking for, the parts of you that lose control over your eating habits and exercise regiment.

In Two Torches, you'll learn how to control cravings permanently. How to set a healthy fitness goal that's just right for YOU. How to set and achieve the body type YOU want and that serves YOU best, not what media says you should be!


In short, Two Torches is a full body and mindset transformation that will change the way you look at, and take responsibility for, your health and life. 


                             THE BODY

In this half of the Two Torches system, you receive absolutely top notch personal training from myself or one of the phenomenal trainers I work with to rebuild (or continue building) your body’s strength and mobility to the level that's just right for you and your lifestyle.

You’ll receive appropriate nutritional advice and guidance where we’ll teach you about your relationship with food and how you can modify it to control calories or loosen it to enjoy a holiday or two.

We’ll even help you set appropriate goals, break down any inappropriate understandings the media has given you about what fitness actually is and how you can value your health over the aesthetics we see  in the modern age.  

We'll teach you what your body can and should do and help you get past limitations you thought you had when you started.


The Mind

 In this, even more important, half of the Two Torches system, we cover your mindset.

We'll teach you how to maintain motivation and dedication to your health and that all important nutritional control, to deal with those emotional moments when you overindulge in calories or you skip several workouts, to help you manage the stress of everyday life and it’s impact on your health.

In this half of the system, you’ll be experiencing self hypnotic motivational training to help you put away any body image issues, any food addictions and to release any unconscious elements that may be holding you back.
In my game-changing Sub-Modal training you'll find how you will change the experience of fitness, of nutrition and every aspect of your health in new and fascinating ways. 
My promise to you is that when you practice what you're taught, you'll become completely unstoppable in your goal achievement. 

The Mission

I've put my 32+ years of training and a lot of blood sweat and tears into the creation of Two Torches system. And whether you train with me or my trainers in person or use the remote training option you will experience a transformation completely unlike what you've gone through before with ineffective systems. 

Everything I do with Liberation Hypnosis, from anxiety control to smoking cessation to personal training or my other services, The Mission is always the same and Two Torches is no different: 

To help you protect your mental and physical health a
nd to give you the very best version of your life.

Combining my Sub-Modal training metho0ds and personal training I have removed more than 10000 pounds of adipose tissue over the past five years alone (yes, I counted). With Two Torches, I’ll be doubling that or more. 

Find the fitness success and the health  you want and deserve. Start your journey now.  

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