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Learn About Pain

Once you experience it, you can understand it. 

Once you understand it you can CONTROL it.

Pain Sucks. Here's What You Can Do About It. 

There's no way around the fact that pain is a part of life. Everyone gets to experience it at some point from a kids skinned knees to major surgery as an adult. And its a miserable experience, isn't it? 

Pain isn't just a physical experience though, is it? It grabs your attention and sets off the anxiety alerts and focuses your mind on the sensation of discomfort so powerfully that it can become difficult to focus on anything else. And if you're in pain long can become difficult to even imagine a life without it, cant it?

But let me invite you to think of pain in a new way.  What if pain was just your bodies way of bringing your attention to something important, like an injury?

What if you had the ability to turn your pain off or change the experience itself when you didn't need it to do that? What if, you could understand on a deeply embodied level short term pain is an temporary experience but long term pain is a habit? 


And the thing about habits?  They can be broken.

Over the decades, I've helped remove the pain habit from people with brain injuries
, athletic injuries, muscular tears and bone breaks, post-surgical pains and even cancer related pains. 

And it all works the same. It doesn't matter what causes the pain, because it all happens in the same location
: your brain. And your brain is built to change. 


Click the button below, book a consultation with me and lets get started getting you free from that pain!



To get you started, here's a quick seven minute sample to help you get rid of a minor ache or pain immediately.                                                            Enjoy! 

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