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Memory Reconsolidation Hypnotherapy

Every experience you've ever had lives inside you. Here's how to take advantage of that fact.

                Memory Reconsolidation:
         What it is and why it's so amazing.

 As a Hypnotherapist, I have treated far too many clients who’ve told me that they’ve spent years in a psychotherapists chair, talking about their past, their trauma, their feelings and getting absolutely NO RELIEF  from their problems while getting plenty of large therapy bills. If you or someone you know is living with trauma or post-traumatic stress, you may be looking for an approach that will actually help.

                             The Effects of Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress:

Post-traumatic stress occurs when a person is overwhelmed by an experience such as an accident, committing or receiving violence, physical harm or other forms of exposure to traumatic events. And this can happen after a single large event or a series of smaller events over time.


People can experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress or PTSD as an intense and uncontrolled "triggering". For example, a person can have an intense fear or anger reaction every time they hear someone yell a sound reminiscent of the past or even a simple familiar smell.

Now you may or may not remember the specific event that triggers the stress reaction. However, your nervous system remembers and can experience a reaction long after these events have happened, whether through thoughts, emotions, behaviors or even other anomalous physical sensations.  


For some, trauma can shut a person down to the point of not being able to function. If you're one of these people, you know how easily this can plunge you into a deep depression. For others, reactions can be more subtle and insidiously destructive, such as distrusting others, experiencing low self-esteem, lacking confidence,  feeling dismissed, abandoned or not heard. Often this can be followed by lashing out verbally, emotionally or physically. The point is, whether you remember or not, your nervous system can have emotional scars and carry hardships  from your past.

                                             That's where MRHT comes in.

Memory Reconsolidation Hypnotherapy makes finally overcoming your trauma possible. We cannot change your past, but in MRHT, we can make the memory of the past feel more distant, alter irrelevant details, destabilize the memory itself and erase those unproductive emotions and their trauma-based reactions.

MHRT is a newer and more successful method of trauma release pioneered by myself, combining traditional hypnosis, neurolinguistic experiential models and  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). MRHT is not psychotherapy and is unlike traditional methods of therapy and it offers you a much more streamlined approach for success and recovery, often within 5 sessions.

                                                         The Process 

In essence, memory reconsolidation occurs when the brain accesses a memory (or memories) and then alters that memory, creating a new one. This is the completely normal process of remembering that you do thousands of times daily. Our brains are designed to update our memories applying emotional context from the time when the memory is retrieved. This is why its easier to remember angry memories when you're angry and happier memories when you're happy. Everyone's brain does this, yours, mine, everyone's. Its an efficient system that has some quirks.

However, when a traumatic memory is triggered, as in PTSD, the system goes into overdrive and recalls the memory into the present, compounding the emotion and making the traumatic memory more vivid and more easily accessible in the future. This is why untreated PTSD worsens over time.

In MRHT, you and I will access the brain’s natural way of updating long-term memories in a carefully guided process to lessen the intensity of the memories and their impact on you. The good news is that the brain can unlearn your reactions to unwanted memories!


MRHT works with all types of trauma-related issues and habitual behaviors. And whether it’s a single event or an entire life history that needs restructuring MRHT can bring relief and change to your life  by bringing long term memories into the short term memory and gently altering their qualities and intensity. This allows treatment of issues that won’t go away with traditional psychotherapy such as: 


  • Hypervigilance 

  • Avoidance and procrastination

  • Addictions such as smoking, drinking, sex or drugs.

  • Rage, anger and  emotional reactivity

  • Difficulty maintaining relationships

  • Removal of traumatic events

  • Much, much more

Knowing that any memory can be updated and altered as needed through MRHT brings hope for those struggling with triggering memories. Your past should be a source of strength, not cause you suffering! Click the button below to book a call with me and we can get started .

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