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How Does Hypnosis Help You With Anxiety?

​Did you know that Anxiety disorders are the most common threat to mental health in the U.S. today? Anxiety affects more than 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or almost 20% of the population, every year and only roughly 36% of sufferers seek treatment. Now, it bears mentioning that statistic relies heavily on information supplied by people who seek treatment. And since anxiety tends to carry a stigma strong enough that many people (especially men) never report it or even realize they suffer from it, we can safely assume the real number of sufferers is much higher.

Because you're here and you're exploring hypnosis for anxiety, I'm going to assume you've had some of those issues as well. And that's ok. It's even perfectly normal because these are anxious times. There's so much going on these days and so much information about what's going on flying at us from every angle that it's incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.  

Here's the good news: I can help. With the proper tool set, such as hypnosis, resetting your nervous system back to baseline can happen in a literal snap of the fingers. I make it sound so simple, right? I'm sure after reading that you're thinking that isn't possible...but the reality is that it's perfectly possible and that's the anxiety speaking. 

Anxiety is the end result of physiological and cognitive processes that evolved from our species survival mechanisms. In a very real way, anxiety helped our ancestors survive harsh climates, predators, rivals and elements. In that context, anxiety is perfectly normal and even useful. Of course, we live in a world now where we don't need to be hypervigilant and what we actually need is specialized training to tone down that behavioral pattern...and that's what hypnosis is all about. 

When you and I work together, we'll cover multiple intervening techniques designed to inhibit unnecessary anxious functions and give you the ability to maintain equilibrium under pressure. You don't need me to tell you all about your anxiety. You live with it all the time, don't you? When you're ready to stop living with it and start dealing with it, I'm ready to show you how. 

Facts about Anxiety

It's not at all uncommon for someone with an anxiety disorder to also suffer from depression or multiple other mental health issues that are compounded by anxiety and vice versa. 
Learned helplessness is a by product of continual anxiety. Together, you and I will break you out of that loop and empower you with a greater understanding of the anxious state and how to deal with it. 

More facts about anxiety:

Anxiety comes in multiple forms but they all have the distinct tendency to increase in severity over time and can result in hospitalization if not properly addressed. 
Behavioral conditioning such as CBT and hypnosis have repeatedly proven in multiple scientific experiments to permanently reduce or completely eliminate anxiety.

Yet more facts about anxiety:

Anxiety often goes unrecognized, especially in men. On many occasions people experiencing chronic anger, lashing out, depression, compulsive disorders, self destructive behaviors as well as addictions and more are experiencing unaddressed anxiety. 
Learning how to control the anxiety mechanism in the human system is a crucial skill set to function in todays world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm on an anxiety medication?

Firstly, congratulations on seeking help! That's a brave first step on the path to freedom from anxiety.
If you are seeing a medical or mental health professional to treat your anxiety I will need their authorization to see you for anxiety. 
Just let me know that you're seeing a doctor or therapist during our strategy session and I'll reach out to them for authorization. 

How many sessions does my anxiety require?

The vast majority of my clients experience a 90% or more reduction in anxiety in one session with a complete reduction in anxious response in two sessions.

How do you approach anxiety?

From the hypnotic perspective, anxiety is a mental and physiological state of arousal. These states can be elicited and, more importantly, controlled through a combination of hypnosis and physiological adaptations such as specialized breathing techniques, mindfulness training, exercises and more. 
In our session, you and I will work together with multiple techniques to obliterate your anxiety and replace your state of anxious arousal with a powerfully motivational and empowering state.

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