Liberation Hypnosis Presents:
Gungnir Fitness & Wisdom


What is Gungnir Fitness & Wisdom all about?

Fitness On All Levels

How many times have you seen an irritatingly 20-something model with rippling muscles, tight abs and a product guaranteed to blast the fat right off your body...all for the price of your monthly mortgage payment?

You probably ran across one of these  advertisements while cruising a streaming site or in your news feed more than once.

Inevitably there's some chemical product or hot new workout program promising to immediately chisel you down to single digit fat percentages, make you utterly irresistible to anyone you like and possibly even get you that Instagram model life?

You already know there is no shortage of these “fitness influencers” all over social media, movies and television who deliberately and dishonestly appear to live amazing lives full of money, sex and shenanigans every day, all day. And you probably already know this is just a carefully cultivated facade designed to simply sell you a bunch of supplemental garbage that you don't need and is, in all likelihood, very bad for you.

In that respect, here's my promise to you: I will never sell or push any supplements that are not backed by ACTUAL science (hint: there's only two that work for most people when properly used) and I certainly don’t push an aesthetic on anyone. I want to be extremely clear about that, I'm much more interested in helping you achieve the ability to move correctly, breathe easily and maintain your focus, drive and health than I am in helping you get a highly temporary and impossible to maintain washboard abs and gigantic biceps.

So what's Gungnir Fitness and Wisdom all about?

It’s about PROPER and HEALTHY fitness in BODY and MIND for people 35 and up. I’m going to teach you how to move when you exercise in a way that your body is meant to move. There’s no overly complicated gadgets, machines or workout gear. In fact, while I greatly appreciate the use of free weights, most of the exercises I instruct people on require nothing more than a floor, gravity and the will to MOVE.

In the Gungnir program, I offer both exercise programs and motivations to GET HEALTHY and STAY HEALTHY.

Here’s what you get with the Gungnir program:

* Entry into the exclusive Gungnir fitness FB group where you can see success stories and make contact with others to share your success and inspiration.

* My three month program of body weight exercises that, properly followed, can dramatically increase your strength, flexibility, cardio respiratory health and general well being.

* My Gungnir motivation program, a series of hypnotic messages that you listen to every day to reframe your approach to your body and health and ensure you learn to find exercise as passionately enjoyable as any favorite activity.  

Believe me, once you undergo this transformative process, you’ll find how easy it is to set realistic fitness goals and inevitably reach them. What are you waiting for?


Gungir: Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

Month one

In month one of the Gungnir program we'll address the realities of what fitness actually is and is not, what your goals are and how to achieve them and set the foundation for your ability to perform functional movement exercises. 
We'll also be introducing you to the world of hypnotic fitness, where'll you'll discover how energized and fun exercise can be...instead of an uncomfortable burden.

Month Two

In the second month of the Gungnir Program, we're turning up the heat as your body has adapted to healthier movement patterns by utilizing it's kinetic chain, we'll be working on making your movements more powerful, more balanced and more efficient all while building out your ability to increase your mental and physical health.

Month Three

In the final month of the Gungnir program, you've put in the work and you're ready to discover your limits and move past them.  
With the foundational work you've put in, you're ready to pursue much more advanced exercise to condition your body and mind to move into your new life as a slimmer, healthier and more powerful self. 
 At the end of this month, I'll be showing you methods to stay focused and healthy post-program and live your best life.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do you assess individual fitness  level?

I use the standard assessment methods of the National Academy of Sports Medicine technique as well as assessing your mental preparedness through my training in Psychology and as a hypnotist, you and I will determine where to start your change.
No two peoples assessments or starting points will be the same, that's why the assessment phase is critically important. You wont be held up to anyone else's performance, it's all about getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

Just like in the "normal" hypnosis weight loss plan, I only discuss nutrition in non-specific and generalized terms. 
If you want specific recommendations for your nutrition, or an entire diet custom-built for you, I am happy to work with anything provided by your doctor or licensed nutrionist. 

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

Many trainers focus only only physical performance. Even the trainers who acknowledge and work with the mental portion of exercise have little to no formal training in psychology or mental/emotional change work. 
With my academic degree in psychology and training with the International Certification Board of Hypnotherapists, I don't stop at your body. Real lifelong change comes from deep within your head and heart and that's where most of the work you and I will be doing is.


Nik's Story

I've always been tall. I was born big, and like most people, just got bigger. Because of my size, I've always had a huge appetite.  Once I reached my adult height of 6'3, I didn't actually change my eating habits, I just kept eating. A lot. Because I was highly active through most of my youth that wasn't a huge problem... until my thirties.

As more sedentary pursuits became a mainstay in my life, my weight very quickly got out of control. At my largest, I pushed up to nearly 300 pounds. To make it worse, because I am very broad shouldered, this change wasn't immediately visible and the shock of finally checking my weight and seeing how close I was to the big three-oh-oh floored me.  I was massively overweight and massively out of shape.

The guy I used to be was gone, hidden somewhere inside of me, buried under the weight that I didn't need.

I really liked that guy and I wanted him back. So, like you're doing right now, I made a choice. I changed my mind and I changed my life. I educated myself more thoroughly on exercise and nutrition, became certified as a personal trainer to further my knowledge base and, most importantly, I used hypnosis.

At 43 years old, I’ve since lost nearly 90 pounds of body fat while gaining lean muscle mass.

The one thing that absolutely stuck out to me is that If weight loss and fitness consisted only of knowing the right strategies and methods, we’d all have our summer bodies year round. But just knowing what to do doesn't get the job done on it's own. It takes work, dedication and most importantly, taking the time to make the choice to finally make and maintain that change. The kind of deep, internal choice you get only when enlisting your unconscious mind in the process.

Look, I've tried the pills, the exercise fads and starvation. It all works for a while...but it's the long term lifestyle change that really keeps that weight off and helps you change your life for good. It's keeping your mind right and your spirit engaged to stay on the path.

Because those external changes require internal shifts in mindset, It wasn’t until I changed my thoughts that I took the weight off and kept it off.

And, I’m incredibly excited to share this hypnotic transformation process with you.