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What is it you’re looking for? To lose weight? Stop a bad habit? To finally end that anxiety or depression? To set aside shame and hesitation? Or are you looking for answers to questions you don't actually yet know how to ask? Are you struggling to find purpose or direction?  Looking to explore yourself and your potential or even a past life? The answer to these desires, and more, is all subtly hidden, tucked deep inside your unconscious mind where you can't quite get at it without some extremely specific help and that's why you're here.
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What can hypnosis do for you?


Lose Weight with Hypnosis!

We've all had the moment when we look at ourselves and decide something needs to change. 
Hypnosis is the key to reaching deep within your mind and heart and removing the obstacles that prevent you from making that healthy change you know you need.


Past Life Regression

Do you find yourself stuck in a repeated pattern that you just cant break out of, finding yourself trying to learn the same lesson over and over again?

Do you feel inexplicable yearnings for something that you cant quite identify but that feels somehow intensely familiar? 

You may need to look deeper than your unconscious mind...


Sexual Issues

We all have that part of our lives in which we want a little more, don't we? When physical intimacy and communication breaks down, it's time to do everything possible to get back on track and better than ever.


Anxiety control

Anxiety is the fastest growing mental health issue in the world now. The damage anxiety does to an individuals life is incalculable. The damage is does to society is even worse. 
Thankfully, hypnosis is an phenomenally powerful tool for managing anxiety, enhancing calm and banishing negative thought loops. 

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My Story

  Hello! My name is Nik and I’ll be your hypnotist today! I have been professionally hypnotizing people for thirty years now and I absolutely could not choose a better profession or a lifestyle I could enjoy more.

  I have been an award winning speaker in multiple academic venues and a repeat presenter and teacher at Hypnothoughts Live, the largest hypnosis convention in the world. I've spoken to and taught hundreds of hypnotists and students through those venues and I am routinely humbled to see how quickly they progress. But the thing that I enjoy most is helping clients encounter and move past sticking points in their lives. There truly is no more rewarding work.

A lot of people struggle to find their purpose in this life and I am ridiculously happy to know what mine is. It’s a gift that I am deeply thankful for every single day and I absolutely cannot wait to spread this gift around the world and help you. 

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"I came in to see Nickolas so I could stop smoking. I was a bit nervous at first, but he clearly knew what he was doing. I went from a pack a day to being smoke free after the first session.  I don't even get cravings for cigarettes anymore. I honestly didn't think that was possible because I've tried so many times before but Nickolas explained how addiction works and how to rewire my brain and behaviors and it just worked."


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