What Else Can Liberation Do For You?

Hypnotic Services

Liberation has had enormous success helping clients conquer anxiety, stress, insomnia, phobias, bad habits, and so much more. Over the decades, Nickolas has helped innumerable clients overcome post-traumatic stress, relationship issues, chronic pain, and addiction. He has also helped actors exponentially increase their stage presence and memorize scripts, helped athletes breakthrough subconscious barriers, and taught students means of focus to increase academic performance. Take your life back from limitations and live life the way you want to. Liberation will give you the tools to design the life you want and then achieve it! 

Free Events

Liberation regularly holds free events where we teach groups essential hypnotic skillsets and tools to empower their lives. Our topics range from challenging core identity statements, that we all struggle with, to conquering sugar cravings, to compelling communication techniques from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). We walk through these powerful tools and cover their uses and benefits, as well as welcoming any questions attendees may have! Feel free to show up at the location without an RSVP, but with an RSVP, you get an email with all of the event's details, and an email after the event with a breakdown of what was covered! 


"I came in to see Nickolas so I could stop smoking. I was a bit nervous at first, but he clearly knew what he was doing. I went from a pack a day to being smoke free after the first session.  I don't even get cravings for cigarettes anymore. I honestly didn't think that was possible because I've tried so many times before but Nickolas explained how addiction works and how to rewire my brain and behaviors and it just worked."

Kate M.