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How to ethically influence someone (in the best way possible)

There a saying I like in modern therapy circles: "You can only help someone be as amazing as you're willing to see them be." Now that sounds a little strange upfront but consider this: Human beings really don't react to each other as we are, we react to the version of each other that we perceive. We literally treat people according to the pictures of them we have in our heads. And people really do pick up on how others perceive them on some level. How many times have you talked to someone and tried to give the conversation you're full effort but you just don't feel them connect with you? It's nothing you did, its that the version of you in their head isn't one they connect with. That's more their fault than yours. Now, what if you could fix that? Here's a trade secret from the therapy world for you to use: The next time you talk with someone you don't even know, try picturing them as the best and most interesting person you have ever met, Picture a version of them that is the most intelligent, well spoken and fun version of themselves you possibly can. Keep that going through the conversation and just watch what happens. Within just a few moments you'll see their ability to connect with you open right up and they'll be more comfortable and more receptive to anything you have to say or talk about. And this works in all contexts, sales, dating, making friends and impressing people in general. Give it a go and let me know how that works for you! For more training in easy influence techniques, why not reach out and join one of my classes on how to make friends and influence environments?

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