New Years Goals And How To Meet Them. Part 2.

    Part 1 of this blog series Focused on setting your intent. In part 2, we'll be looking at how macro-planning can harm your success in any goal.

    Lots of times, we, as humans, will set a lofty goal. Sometimes people set ambivalent nebulous goals that lack definition and are kind of doomed at the start, one of the common good examples of this this type I hear is “This year I will be more spiritual!” instead of “This year I will meditate every day and pray more”.

    So, what happens when you decide on a goal? You say to yourself: This Will Happen. And then wait. Maybe you take action but you find yourself sidelined by some unknown or unexpected factor that surprised you. Of course you still have your goal title in line: This Will Happen. But somehow...the circumstances never arise to let it happen.

    I hate to see dreams die like this. They slowly smother and die because they are only macro-planned.

    You’ve probably heard of macro planning in the dietary sense. It’s a good way to consider your food intake in terms of macronutrients you take in instead of your base caloric intake. It teaches people follow this eating method to consider all the elements that go into the foods they consume.

    But, like all good things in hypnosis, this mindset is a great technique to apply elsewhere. Especially in goal setting. Say you have a goal of opening your own business and becoming self sufficient. That's a noble goal.

    But now that you have the category of “Start My Own Business” established...what are the smaller elements that have to be met? Well, you have your business license. You have to find the correct location thats ideal for you needs. There may or may not be specific licensing you need for your business. Will you be walk-in-customer focused or operate on a contracted-client-needs basis? What growth can you expect in the next 5 - 10 years? Are you prepared tax-wise?

    See, every goal category, whether it's to lose weight, stop smoking, start your own business or get a new job has this same pattern. Just like the macro-diet you will fail if you do not attend to the smaller elements that make up your primary category.

    Obviously, this is common sense. I highly doubt I’m dropping a knowledge bomb on you with this information. But the approach I use with goal-setting clients is this:

    Each smaller portion of the end goal, in this case starting your own business, is a goal in and of itself. These smaller goals must be pursued with the same fervor with which you pursue the end goal. Can you bring the same enthusiasm you have for being your own boss to filing your taxes as a self employed individual? What about for planning your business budget? What about furnishing your workplace?

    Think of it like a rockslide. When you toss a small pebble into another pebble, they gather more pebbles. Then more pebbles. Then suddenly, you notice bigger rocks join in and before you know it, inertia has kicked in and a landslide has begun.

    This is how I teach goal achieving. Find the small nuances that need to be done and do them. Do them as fervently and as passionately as possible, because these are the pebbles you toss to start you landslide of success.

    Want to lose fifteen pounds? Thats easy, I help people with it all the time. First we find the elements of your diet that need a tweak, find the emotional resources that need another tweak to back up the change and presto, you’re on your weigh to success (I’ve yet to cure my love for bad puns. Mea Culpa).

    But the key here is that when you find that same passion and joy in eating more vegetables and safely exercising more often that you have for rocking that summer bod, you find the goal achieves itself through your management of the small elements.

    To close, remember: When you have a goal, attend to the small elements first. Piece by piece, the puzzle will come together. Pebble by pebble, your landslide will begin. These small elements, patiently attended, carry success far more and far farther than simply setting a goal and striding towards it without taking care of the necessary steps first.

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