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The Magus Protocol

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I don't believe in coincidence. And neither should you. There may be a part of you that was drawn here purposefully or by your unconscious actions or it may be that you were meant to see this.  

Have you been feeling disempowered?
At the mercy of forces beyond your control? Wishing you had more autonomy in your life? 
Wishing you could just figure out what life is all about?

How many times have you wanted the ability to alter, influence or just plain dominate a situation and just found that you lacked the charisma, personal gravitas or just plain "oooomph" to get it done?

Are you ready to leave that disappointment behind, step into your power all while mastering skills that will completely transform your life?

What is the Magus Protocol?

The Magus Protocol is cutting edge training and certification program that instills you in-depth mastery of hypnotic communication and the magickal arts to take your everyday methods of communication and turn you from a great communicator to an unstoppable influential force in the lives of everyone you meet. 

This no "normal" NLP certification program, nor is it one of several hundred "conversational hypnosis" training programs cobbled together from various sources and overpriced to justify a lack of teacher expertise and ethics.

  After years of hard work, ritual and training, I have designed The Magus Protocol to meet the needs of pagans, occultists and hypnotists around the world who want to take their personal power to the next level and definitively seize control over their lives in powerful and meaningful ways. 
The Magus Protocol not only trains and certifies my students to become world-class, completely empowered hypnotists, it also builds an unshakable foundational grounding and immense power building through the practice of both ritual and folk magical techniques to take your influence and personal power far beyond the next level. 

This is magickal and hypnotic power building that will turn you into an unstoppable fountain of autonomy, authority and unshakeable will, regardless of your level of experience in hypnosis or the magickal arts. 

At the end of the Magus Protocol's 18 week training you will find your life completely transformed as your options and opportunities continually open and unfold for your exploration and your framework for yourself and your place in the world enhanced in ways you may have never even thought possible. 


The Magus Protocol Cycle 10  opens July 1, 2024

The Magus Protocol: Full payment of $799.99 or $199.75 a month over four months through Afterpay.

"Nickolas is an amazing teacher! His classes are often mind blowing and fun. 
This is secret knowledge, and it truly is very powerful! If you want to be ethically influential, magickally powerful and not easily manipulated forces other than yourself, you absolutely need to learn from him! "


" HO-LEE CRAP! This course is unbelievably applicable to your entire life in so many ways! This class is how/why I now have the job that I have, the money I make and the life I want! Take it! "


Nickolas VASTLY overdelivers in this course. No matter what your degree of skill or preference, you will find lifechanging stuff in this course. Do  yourself a favor and take it, he isn't just teaching some completely wild magic,  He's showing you how to step into your power and SHOW UP in your life.


That is the kind of thing that people have said about The Magus Protocol in it's earlier incarnations,


After some in-depth discussion with my students I decided to bring the course to the next level and deliver the most shamelessly powerful, life enhancing techniques I've gathered over the years and include them into a streamlined version of the certification course. 

I wanted The Magus Protocol to cut through the nonsense that other courses are polluting the zeitgeist with and dive deep into the heart of conscious communication, magickal influence and the life that it can bring into being for it's practitioners. So I've deconstructed and reconstructed the entire course to meet the new standards I've set for my students, and for myself.

Most hypnosis courses will teach you about "depth of trance", progressive relaxation and historical figures in hypnosis...all while trying to upsell you into more courses. This course is different than most hypnosis training programs because you will be experiencing trance throughout the entire program.

It's also very different than most, but not all,  magickal training programs you may find available. In this course we take "As within, so without" to the next level to show you how to make the changes you need to elicit the changes you want immediately on the physical, mental and spiritual level and to train you to take back what has been stolen from you by social programming: your attention span, your self-possession, your command of your life.



The Magus Protocol has the lessons broken up into multiple recordings – every other week you will get one to four downloadable files including audio lessons, PDFS and hypnotic recordings for home training with an optional live Q &A session through Zoom on every other Sunday. You will also gain access to the exclusive Facebook group and email chain. 

Be aware, I deliberately overprovide you with trainings, so you should both feel no obligation to master anything all at once and also be prepared to be studying this material for long after the class has ended. Some of my students have studied this work for years.

This hybrid approach allows you the time you need to study, practice and grow in power throughout the entire program as we keep squarely focused on greatly empowering your hypnotic and magickal skill...all while maintaining contact with a training cohort and your instructor.



The Lesson Break Down

1. Elemental Magick Coursebook
2. Intro To Servitor Work

4. Sigilcraft Handbook


Lesson 1:  EXPERIENCE Learning to sit breathe and experience something in rich and new ways that will give you an immediate understanding of how to alter experiences for yourself and others. You will study: 

1. The Descriptive Pattern of Communication and the Internal Landscape.

2. Your "Tulpa": Creating your thoughtform with predictive magick.

3. Foundational Energy Work and breathwork

Lesson 2 . BEING AWARE – How to expand your awareness and change that of others. You will study: 

1. The Awareness pattern of Communication: How to draw your awareness to other places and do the same for others.

2.  The magickal and hypnotic gaze.


3. Material Foci and sigils for influencing others and yourself

4. Depth of awareness and trance


Lesson 3. IT’S ABOUT TIME AND PLACECutting through the separation of self and other

1. The Temporal Pattern of Communication

2. Managing your environment and time

3. Advanced Thoughtform work and Narrative Magick

4. Stepping out of time and place: The Astral Temple

Lesson 4. BECAUSE I SAID SO! How to be the root cause of everything you want to happen.

1. The Causal Pattern Of Communication

2. Change Your Frame And Your Magick Will Follow

3. Persistence Pays Off!

4. Energizing the Thoughtform in the Temple

Lesson 5. EQUALITY MATTERS –  What we really mean when we say this means that? 

1. The Equivalency Pattern of Communication

2. Assigning an appropriate level of cosmic meaning to your magic and influence


3. Linking magically to your Thoughtform


Lesson 6. MY WAY OR MY WAY! –  Stepping into your power through providing your choices..

1. The Double Binding pattern of Communication

2. Why this power matters: Worldy power

3. Materia practices to enhance your influence

4. Astral and energetic influence

Lesson 7. I COMMANDStepping further into your power.

1. The Direct and Indirect Command Pattern of Influence

2. Your commands make sense: Setting up your influence magickally and psychologically. 

3. Enhancing your Thoughtform.


Lesson 8. Emphasize and Erase  – Taking responsibility for what you allow...and don't allow.

1. The Emphasize and Erase Pattern of Communication

2. Why you get to decide your, and their, memories

3. Magical emphasis / de-emphasis

Lesson 9. Tie it all together  – Moving beyond method and practice to complete responsibility and living your life on your terms.

1. Why/What/How: The Full Shift meta pattern

2. Why the shift matters to you and to others 

3. Magickal responsibility

4. Moving into the Tulpa: Living the dream

The Magus Protocol Cycle 10  opens July 1, 2024

The Magus Protocol: Full payment of $799.99 or $199.75 a month over four months through Afterpay

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