Event & Class Schedule

Cycle begins August 15 @ 7:30pm CST

The Silver Tongue

This is my incredibly powerful hypnotic influence program. Here you'll learn how to communicate smoothly, efficiently and effortlessly to greatly magnify your influence and communication skills.

Through the deliberately applied use of certain patterns of language and behaviors that I teach here, you'll learn how to directly affect the neurology and internal world of your listener. You'll become an unstoppably powerful conversational dynamo! 

Imagine how hugely different your life could be if every single conversation you ever had went exactly the way you want it to. What if everyone who listened to you instantly saw your point of view and automatically became a friend and admirer?

You can learn this profoundly powerful skill every Sunday over Zoom with me and an entire class every Monday night.  

August 20. 1:00pm - 4:00pm


What actually is "energy"? Why does it so easily go by so many names while many people appear completely blind to it?

Are you a Reiki practitioner, an energy healer or a student/teacher of Qi Gong? Or are you an energy worker looking to greatly increase your awareness of energy or release a block to your own energy? If that's you or you're actually new to the energetic field and want to learn more...this class is for you. 

We'll be looking at energy from the hypnotic point of view, shifts of consciousness to become more aware of it and how to use self hypnosis to easily access more energy.

Starts Aug 28th 4:00pm to 9:00pm CST

Restructuring the Male Psyche for Growth and Success.

Ranging from depression, pathological childishness and self abuse to self destruction and existential crisis, Men of all ages now face unique challenges that have no historical precedent. 

This online class will focus on the widespread emotional and social crisis facing men in this day and age and teach you how to deprogram the elements in the modern mans mind that fight to define, disempower and control how we see masculinity for future ages. 

September 3. 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Erotic Hypnosis Workshop

Are you looking to regain a spark or create a new one?  
Eroticism isnt just about sex, though that's certainly a big part of what I teach,  it's about that spark.

The spark that tells you that you're right where you should be and that your purpose is to be here now, fully engaged and present. That spark that connects you deeply and powerfully to yourself and someone else. 

Easily my most popular and powerfully life altering class (can you guess why?), here we will look into what exactly is the mindset of eroticism, how to elicit passion and zest for life inside and outside of the bedroom and you'll learn how to bring a new insanely fun depth to your erotic practices...whatever they may be.

Beginning September 2022

Manifesting: The "Law" of Attraction.

How many times have you tried to make something truly important work but you manage to get in your own way? How many times have you worked desperately on something that required a relentless pursuit but you quickly became distracted and unable to pursue it?
It doesn't really  matter if it's a job you want, simple wealth or catching the eye of that special someone...something just seems to get in the way of your plans as often as possible, doesn't it?

Now, what if I told you that what was in the way was YOU? Your unconscious mind, to be more exact?

Carl Gustav Jung once said: " Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate." And he was absolutely right! 

This multi-class event will bring this quote to life for you as we dig deeply into the mechanisms of your unconscious mind and how you can actually clear the unconscious clutter keeping you from the success you deeply want, need and deserve.