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Live Trainings Schedule

July 19 - July 21.  2024


I'm incredibly happy to announce that I will once again be teaching at the Hypnothoughts Live convention this summer for the eleventh time! If you happen to be in Vegas this summer or would like to meet me and about a thousand of my hypnotic friends, tickets are available at

See you there! 

Cycle begins march 3, 2024  @ 7:30pm CST

The King Within ( Free Zoom class) 

This training program is the culmination of over a decade specializing in Men's Mental Health and Archetypal Hypnosis. Using the most recent developments in Jungian archetypal studies and cutting edge hypnotic methods, students in this class develop a deep and profound understanding of what it is to embrace the sacred masculine nature outside of social conditioning, to truly be your own man and not the man that you're told to be.  
Stepping away from the misogyny and misandry so omnipresent in discussions of men's mental health and drawing on teachings and methodologies from cultures around the world, this class focuses on helping men of all ages reach the deep seated powers within them to develop into the man they want to be and  that their world needs.  Click the button below to get on the list.


Thursday nights, Feb 2024 @ 6:00pm CST

The Neurobiology of State Management ( Free Zoom Class)

 Imagine having the ability to access any emotional state you need right when you need it. Being the person that can get into the right headspace at a moments notice, when you need to make that sale, have an important talk, negotiate a raise or be the perfect parent. Imagine being able to summon up the qualities that are perfect in any situation at the literal snap of a finger.
Every Thursday night on Zoom you can join this class to learn the ins and outs of state management, how to identify your primary personality characteristics,  how easily you can make a change when needed and how to automatically apply this skill to help you get the life you deserve.

Click the button below to get on the list! 


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