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Live Trainings Schedule

July 21 - July 23.  2023


I'm incredibly happy to announce that I will once again be teaching at the Hypnothoughts Live convention this summer for the eighth time! 

I'll be teaching on The Magic in the Mind: How to use ancient methods of magic and hypnosis to cause powerful change in modern lives. 

 If you happen to be in Vegas this summer or would like to meet me and about a thousand of my hypnotic friends, tickets are available at

See you there! 

Cycle begins August 1 2023 @ 7:30pm CST

The Silver Tongue (Zoom class) 

A brand new and further refined cycle of The Silver Tongue, a guide to conversational hypnosis, charisma and energy work. This class takes traditional language patterns and combines them with an in-depth methodology of energy work and philosophical practice to immediately take your charismatic power to the next level. This three-month Tuesday night class will completely change how you process energy, language and communication

Imagine how immensely different your life could be if every single conversation you ever had went exactly the way you want it to. What if everyone who listened to you instantly, felt your energy and impact as soon as you walk into the room, inevitably saw your point of view and automatically became a friend and admirer?

To join this amazing class, each out to me here.

Starts August 5 6:00pm to 9:00pm CST

Restructuring the Male Psyche for Growth and Success (Zoom class).

Ranging from depression, pathological childishness and self abuse to self destruction and existential crisis, Men of all ages now face unique challenges that have no historical precedent. 
Reframing the Male Psyche: A guide to deprogramming and reprogramming the masculine mind for optimum health and performance.

This class is a crash course in how to approach the masculine mind on the archetypal level and deprogram the garbage that society teaches men of all ages. You'll come to have a deeper understanding of what society teaches men on the unconscious level, how to protect the young men in your life from those who would mislead them and how to rewrite your own masculine story in your life.

Note: This is not the certification course and is not required to take to join the certification course, though it will certainly provide you with the framework to better approach this vastly underserved subject.

To join this amazing class, reach out to me here.

August 10 2023 6:00pm CST

Elemental Breath Work

This is the perfect opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation!

Elemental Breathwork is a powerfully empowering and healing tool that has the potential to liberate you from your past and unlock the doors to a brighter future.

It is a simple yet profound practice that harnesses the power of your breath to release stagnant energies, reconnect with the main channels of power within your body and spirit, heal emotional wounds, and reconnect you with your innate wisdom and potential.

By consciously working with your breath and unlocking elemental energies within your body and spirit, you can activate your inner healer and tap into the limitless wellspring of vibrant energy within you.

Elemental Breathwork allows you to powerfully access deeper states of consciousness, where you can release old traumas, patterns, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. 

Through this process you'll discover a deeper form of alchemy that can turn the leaden experience of the daily humdrum into a purified and ennobled state of being.

Imagine stepping into your confidence, embracing your true essence, and experiencing a profound shift in your state of being. With Elemental Breathwork, you can do just that.

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