Event & Class Schedule

Tuesdays. 7:00 PM CST and 7:00PM PST

Hypnotic Influence

This is the level 1 course of my hypnotic language program. Here you'll learn how to communicate smoothly, efficiently and hypnotically to exponentially increase your influence and communication skills.
Through the use of certain patterns of language, you'll find new and intuitive ways to communicate with the unconscious minds of yourself and others.  
This class is currently free and held through Zoom.  Invitations can be gained by reaching out at contact@liberationhypnosis.com

Thursdays 7:00PM CST and 7:00 PM PST

Hypnotic Language Level 2

This is the level 2 course of my hypnotic language program. Here you'll expand on the foundations you built in the Level 1 course. You'll learn proprioceptive influence, nonverbal cues, emotional elicitations and much, much more. 
This class is only available to graduates of the level 1 course and is a paid course. Invitations, dates of class sessions and more information can be gained by reaching out at contact@liberationhypnosis.com

July 30 - Aug 1.  2021


I'm incredibly happy to announce that I will once again be teaching at the Hypnothoughts Live convention this summer, not once but TWICE! This will be my 4 and 5th time presenting at this AMAZING convention at The Orleans Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas and I couldn't be prouder or more grateful.

I'll be discussing hypnotic interventions to reach men in crisis and the historical and philosophical roots of hypnosis. If you happen to be in Vegas this summer or would like to meet me and about a thousand of my hypnotic friends, tickets are available at www.htlive.net

See you there! 

April 10 2021. 5:00pm PST


What actually is "energy"? Why does it so easily go by so many names while many people appear completely blind to it?

Are you a Reiki practitioner, an energy healer or a student/teacher of Qi Gong? Or are you an energy worker looking to greatly increase your awareness of energy or release a block to your own energy? If that's you or you're actually new to the energetic field and want to learn more...this class is for you. 

We'll be looking at energy from the hypnotic point of view, shifts of consciousness to become more aware of it and how to use self hypnosis to easily access more energy.

Hearth Wisdom Store (amazing friends of mine, check 'em out!) in Pantego Texas has generously offered space live and online for this class. 


*Date/time may be subject to change* 

5-8-2021 5:00PM PST


What is a religious, spiritual or magickal trance? How do so many people  so easily access truly amazing resources in the practice of spiritual ritual, meditation or trance?

This class will be focused on building the ability to rapidly elicit deep, profoundly powerful trance for any spiritual work, meditation or prayer.

Emphasis is also placed on becoming more intimately aware of naturally occurring trance and energetic states and how to genuinely leverage them for use in everyday life.

Here you can learn how to more easily and intuitively ease through the border between your physical and spiritual life.

My good friends at Hearth Wisdom Store have once again offered space for this event, you can learn more at www.HearthWisdomstore.com

*Date and time are subject to change*

6-12-2021 5:00pm PST 


This class is based on using simple hypnotically leveraged questions and subtle assessments to find someone you can truly and deeply connect with romantically or platonically. 

This isnt about using hypnosis to get a relationship, it's about using intimately human connection and hypnotic rapport to find those incredibly valuable and high-quality friends and lovers that so greatly improve our lives. 

I'll be teaching a three stage process of assessment, rapport building and analysis to give you the skills to finally find the right partner for you, romantically or platonically! 

It's definitely time to move out of any stagnant rut and move forward into the powerfully rewarding and charismatic life you deserve. 

My good friends at Hearth Wisdom Store have once again offered space for this event, you can learn more at www.HearthWisdomstore.com

*Date and time are subject to change*