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About Nik


  Hello! My name is Nik and I’ll be your hypnotist today! I have been professionally hypnotizing people for thirty-two years now and I absolutely could not choose a better profession or a lifestyle I could enjoy more.

  I have been an award winning speaker in multiple academic venues and an 11 time repeat presenter and teacher at Hypnothoughts Live, the largest hypnosis convention in the world. I've spoken to and taught hundreds of hypnotists and students through those venues and I am routinely humbled to see how quickly they progress.

I am also an ordained Pagan Minister and offer classes and hypnotherapeutic counseling and magickal services, products and classes to clients as needed or desired

The thing that I enjoy most is helping people move past sticking points in their lives and on to being the most enjoyable version of themselves possible. There truly is no more rewarding work.

A lot of people struggle to find their purpose in this life and I am ridiculously happy to know what mine is. It’s a gift that I am deeply thankful for every single day and I absolutely cannot wait to spread this gift around the world and help you. 

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