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Physical and Emotional Pain

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Pain and anxiety don't have to control your life.

I could begin by telling you about the millions of Americans affected by anxiety or pain in the United states. I could also tell you about the statistics showing how oddly "normal" it's become to be in pain of one type or other. 

But I'm betting you already know about whatever kind of pain you're in. And you probably don't care about the numbers or the "new normal". You just want it to stop. 


This may sound a really counterintuitive but: Pain and Anxiety are habits you've learned. They are your brains way of communicating that something in your unconscious mind or your body aren't quite right and it's needs attending to.

Hypnotherapy is the only PROVEN method to recalibrate your anxious patterns and your pain response , quickly, easily and permanently by changing your unconscious associations with the anxiety triggers and by changing your relationship with the experience of pain. 

Book your consult call now to see just how easily you can rewrite these habits in  your body and brain, quickly easily and permanently!



Facts about anxiety and pain:

It's not at all uncommon for someone with an anxiety disorder to also suffer from complex pain disorders, depression or multiple other health issues that are compounded by anxiety and vice versa.  

More facts about anxiety and pain:

Pain comes in multiple forms, physical or emotional  but all the forms have the distinct tendency to increase in severity over time and can result in a threat to mental and physical health and even hospitalization if not properly addressed. 

Yet more facts about anxiety and pain:

Emotional or physical pain often goes unrecognized, especially in men. On many occasions people experiencing chronic anger, lashing out, depression, compulsive disorders, self destructive behaviors as well as addictions and more are experiencing unaddressed pain of some type. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm on an medication?

If you are seeing a medical or mental health professional to treat your pain, whatever it's source, keep following their directions and continue with any medication you're on under their directions. 

Hypnosis is not medical care but will certainly assist any medical treatments you are undertaking.  Medical care and hypnosis work fantastically together and there is no contraindication between the two for pain management.

How do you approach anxiety?

From the hypnotic perspective, anxiety is a habit consisting of mental and physiological of arousal and focused attention. These states can be elicited and, more importantly, redirected into more productive behaviors through memory reconsolidation. 
In our session, you and I will work together to uncover the source of your anxiety and replace your state of anxious arousal with a powerfully motivational and empowering state. This allows your body to harness the mental energy that anxiety used to generate and put it towards more productive use.

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