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Hypnosis isn't about The Hypnotist. 
It's not about the words I use, the decades of expertise and practice or even about the power of hypnosis itself. 

It's about you and what you're going through.
It's about how committed you actually are to the change you need.

It's about the new life that's patiently waiting for you just beyond the next decision you make. 

See below to find exactly what it is you're looking for. 


Liquid Bubbles

Past Life Regression

Past life regression really isn't what you probably think it is. Parts of your soul travel through thousands of lives and pieces of it have something you need to hear. 

Addiction Services

Addiction to anything other than being your best self  is life destroying. Whether you're dealing with smoking, drinking or something stronger, the solution is available inside you


Pain / Anxiety Management

Your ability to break out of the cycle of physical, or emotional, pain is far, far greater than what you may believe.

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