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Are you ready
to save your life?

Are You Ready To Throw Out Those Cigarettes, And Take Back Control Of Your Life? 

What If I gave you an all-natural way to breathe easier, smell better, regain your sense of smell and taste and add decades to your life? What about if you could do all that AND put at least three thousand dollars back into your pocket?

    Stop Smoking in One Session with a LIFETIME Service Guarantee.

I’m incredibly confident I can help you to quit smoking and for a very good reason! I’ve seen thousands of clients for hypnosis in more than thirty three years of professional experience, and this is what I do best.

My smoking cessation program  includes a lifetime service guarantee, which means if you ever smoke or have a craving to smoke after we've worked together (which is very rare but we're all human) you can just call or schedule online, and I will see you again to prevent that habit from reforming for free.

How can I afford to give away free sessions for life? Because year after year, I have maintained a >95% success rate in helping people live longer and happier by stopping smoking. I track the success of my clients heavily, and over the last decade, only about five percent of my clients feel they need the support after relapsing onto smoking again, normally years after our first session.

Clinical trials have proven hypnosis to have a success rate nearly TRIPLE that of so-called “conventional” methods like patches, pills, or gums and more than quadruple the "cold turkey" method!

                               So, what are you waiting for? Start saving your life now. 

What if I am using something other than cigarettes?

What matters the most to me is that you know you need to quit and are actively making the efforts to do so.  The Liberation Protocol is so versatile and incredibly powerful that I've used them in the past to help people recover from addictions to tobacco, alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, sex, gambling and many other issues.

Book a consult call below and we can get started with deciding if we are a good match to help you on your road to recovery. My only goal is to get you across the finish line on your journey. So, in our conversation, if we are a great match (and the vast majority of people are) I'll set up an action plan for you while we work together. If we decide that we are not a good match, I'm more than happy to refer you to a colleague or the appropriate resources. 

To be clear: I am not a licensed physician, psychologist or mental health care provider. So if you are working with a medical or metal health care provider, I strongly urge you to continue doing so while working with me. 


How The System Works

The moment you enroll in The Liberation Protocol you will be given what we call "The Pregame". This is a bundle of hypnotic skills that will be delivered to the email you provide when you enroll. The Pregame consists of powerful psychoneurological  and psychomotor tools you will use to prepare your mind for deeper hypnotic work. 

Before you and I even meet in person or online, you'll be given the tools and training that can free you from your addiction. Once you have mastered those tools (which usually takes 1-3 days) and you are applying them through your entire life to change your cravings and addictive patterns, you and I will meet to put you through the most profound and powerful hypnotic and somnambulistic  experience possible in order to fully enlist your deepest mind and spirits full attention on healing your body and mind from your addiction. 

I never practice half measures so this process will guide through recovering your power and your life from addiction and from the patterns in your life that led to your addiction. Together we will go through formative experiences from your past that will assist in leading you to not just full recovery but  to a deeper knowledge of the circumstances that led to the addiction in the first place. 

Make no mistake, you'll be putting in the work to make the change you're looking for and any hypnotist or therapist who says the change is effortless is fooling you. I don't make the claim that it's easy but I will happily tell you that when you practice The Liberation Protocol the way I teach you and you fully engage in the process, you will take your life and power back from addiction. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be aware of everything I'm hypnotized to do?

The vast majority of my clients retain memory of their trance experiences. There is a small percentage of the general population (~12%) that has such a high level of hypnotic ability that they may naturally not remember anything.  However, this is easily remedied if needed.

What's the lifetime guarantee for smoking cessation?

I'm so confident in my process and how it's helped so many people over the years that if you ever experience a relapse, for any reason at all and at any time after you've worked with me,  all you need to do is contact me and I'll see you again to knock that impulse out before it's a habit again.

What are the requirements for this program?

I screen my clients very heavily for this program to ensure I can help as many people as possible as effectively as possible and to minimize last-minute "change of hearts" (addictions are notorious for causing these) . In our strategy session, you and I will go through an interview process to ensure that you're ready and willing to make this change and ensure your health and the safety of you and your family. 
I do this because, I never want to turn someone away if they aren't ready, but I respect when someone needs more time to get in the right headspace.

Is this process expensive?

The average smoker spends up to or more than $3,869 on cigarettes every year. Over a decade, that's a new car, a college education, a down payment on a house or starting your own business. Imagine not sending your kids to college or pursuing your dream or furthering your life in whatever manner you want because a tobacco company deliberately installed an addiction in your life.

And, of course, that's before you factor in the REAL cost of smoking: Your health and your families safety. 

This process costs so much less than what you've been spending on cigarettes that
its ridiculous to compare. That said, your investment represents your dedication to saving your life and I have payment plans and scholarship programs available. Hit the button below to schedule your consult call and find out more! 

What if I'm addicted to something else?

Addiction is a habitual condition regardless of what it is your addicted to. The methods I use to help you stop smoking can assist you in managing any other addictions. If you would like to discuss kicking ANY habit in a judgement -free environment, book a consult call with me below and let's get started! 

Help me help you stick it to the addiction industry, live longer, save more money and recover your health and happiness.

Liberation Hypnosis

©2021 by Liberation Hypnosis.

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