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Are you ready
to save your life?

Are You Ready To Throw Out Those Cigarettes, And Take Back Control Of Your Life?

What If I gave you an all-natural way to breathe easier, smell better, regain your sense of smell and taste AND add decades to your life?

    Stop Smoking in One Session with a LIFETIME Service Guarantee.

I’m incredibly confident I can help you to quit smoking and for a very good reason! I’ve seen thousands of clients for hypnosis in more than thirty-two years of professional experience, and this is what I do best.

My smoking cessation program  includes a lifetime service guarantee, which means if you ever smoke or have a craving to smoke after we've worked together (which is very rare but we're all human) , just call or schedule online, and I will see you again to prevent that habit from reforming for free.

How can I afford to give away free sessions for life? Because year after year, I have maintained a >95% success rate in helping people live longer and happier by stopping smoking. I track the success of my clients heavily, and over the last decade, only about five percent of my clients feel they need the support after relapsing onto smoking again.

Clinical trials have proven hypnosis to have a success rate nearly TRIPLE that of so-called “conventional” methods like patches, pills, or gums and more than quadruple the "cold turkey" method!

                                                    So, what are you waiting for?

What happens in my session?

You and I will talk in-depth about your new reality waiting for you. The one you are now ready to enjoy as a nonsmoker, free of the cigarettes for life and living on your own terms.
I'm going to explain every step of my process in as much detail as you need to you before anything happens. I care about your physical and mental well-being, and that means  I want you to understand the science of exactly how and why my process works so effectively. When you feel completely comfortable, and excited to begin.



I will work with your neurological system for about 15 minutes through a series of non-intrusive hypnotic methods.
Remember, as a smoker, you don’t have a conscious problem. You didn’t consciously decide to get hooked on smoking and damage your health and your family's safety. What you have is an unconscious problem holding onto the smoking pattern deep within your mental, physical, and emotional systems.
The fact that you’re reading this website means that, up until you and I meet, your unconscious habitual system wants to keep you smoking, because smoking is comfortable to some degree and, lets face it, you're addicted .At the end of the work you and I will do together, you'll experience your own body indicating the smoking pattern has been cleared from your mental and emotional systems.
So many of my clients tell me they already knew they were a nonsmoker even before you sit in the chair for the hypnosis that I absolutely know that, when you commit to working with me, when you make the choice to live longer and happier and healthier, you can make this change.


You and I will explore, address and completely destroy your old smoking habit from every angle, neurological, physical, psychological and social. You're going to experience an evidence-based profoundly hypnotic experience that I  specifically designed for you to throw out those cigarettes and take control of your mind and life.
Believe it or not, your part of this is incredibly simple and a surprising amount of fun. You simply sit, listen and you follow my suggestions and it's just like listening to me tell you a story. Despite what you see on TV and the movies, you'll be aware of your surroundings at all times and be completely in control.


When it's time to open your eyes, It's going to feel the way it did before you even started smoking. The social factors and other influences that used to trigger a smoking urge wont even bother you anymore. You will be a non-smoker again!


Like so many of my clients, you'll end up a raving fan of the process. The majority of my smoking cessation clients come to me because the friends and family members they previously smoked with sent them in...not just to stop smoking but because they want  their loved ones with them, healthy and alive for a fantastic future! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be aware of everything I'm hypnotized to do?

The vast majority of my clients retain memory of their trance experiences. There is a small percentage of the general population (~12%) that has such a high level of hypnotic ability that they may naturally not remember anything. 
However, this is easily remedied if needed.

What's the lifetime guarantee?

I'm so confident in my process and how it's helped so many people over the years that if you ever experience a relapse, for any reason at all and at any time after you've worked with me,  all you need to do is contact me and I'll see you again to knock that impulse out before it's a habit again.

What are the requirements for this program?

I screen my clients very heavily for this program to ensure I can help as many people as possible as effectively as possible. In our strategy session, you and I will go through an interview process to ensure that you're ready and willing to make this change and ensure your health and the safety of you and your family. 
I do this because, I never want to turn someone away if they aren't ready, but I respect when someone needs more time to get in the right headspace.

Is this process expensive?

The average smoker spends up to $3,869 on cigarettes every year. Over a decade, that's a new car, a college education, a down payment on a house or starting your own business. Imagine not sending your kids to college or pursuing your dream or furthering your life in whatever manner you want because you spent the money on smoking. 

And, of course, that's before you factor in the REAL cost of smoking: Your health and your families safety. 

This process costs so much less than you've been spending on cigarettes that
its ridiculous to compare. That said, your investment represents your dedication to saving your life and I have payment plans and scholarship programs available. Hit the button below to schedule your consult call and find out more! 

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