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What Does it Mean to be WitchFitt?

In Witchfitt, you’ll find top notch physical fitness programs that will meet every fitness need you have, solid and science backed nutritional advice, self-hypnotic and motivational techniques to keep you focused and working hard as well as a uniquely powerful and comprehensive self-contained magickal arcana to give you access to fundamentally transformative powers.

 I truly believe that it really is time for Pagans and witchy peoples of all type to step back into the spotlight on the world stage. We've been in the shadows for long enough.

WitchFitt is my contribution to helping us become physically stronger, sharper of focus and undeniably, powerfully and incredibly influential and impressive.

The pagan renaissance is upon us and it is our time to come forward as a truly impressive people and culture so we claim our place in the lands we live in and stand with pride.

Join in. Stand with your ancestors and with us. Become the version of you that you know you need to be. 

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What you can expect

  Strong not Skinny. Get used to that way of  thinking in WitchFitt.  

The very first thing we focus on is dismantling what the worlds expectations say you "should be" and we work out where you're going to be. 

The remote fitness training programs in WitchFitt are the result of my thirty years of experience in the fitness industry and when you commit to them, they will absolutely build you any amount of strength, resilience and mobility you want and help you leave behind media driven fitness expectations.

  The hypnotic methods in WitchFitt will help you dismantle any psychological barriers outstanding in the way of your goals, fitness or otherwise. You will reframe your understanding of your body, your mind and any self image issues you may have along the way!  You’ll become intimately familiar with the workings of your unconscious mind and how to enlist it in furthering your goals and ambitions, whatever they are.

The magickal rituals  you’ll encounter in WitchFitt will connect or reconnect you to your ancestral line in a new and deeper appreciation of your embodied experience, connect you with the deeper powers in your mind and spirit and relentlessly enforce your  True Will over your life. You’ll find your spiritual abilities and intuition exponentially grow as you progress deeper into the experience of your True Self. 

As a fitness trainer I’m going to help you work through any physical limitations you currently have to bring you into better balance with a stronger and healthier body, while developing a deeper connection with your health on all levels. 

As a hypnosis teacher and instructor, I will be teaching you the basics of motivational and influential behavior and how to use your incredibly powerful unconscious mechanisms to install and adhere to healthier and more empowering habits and lifestyle choices. 

As a sorcerer, I'm going to teach you the ins and outs of the energies in your body, how best to use them to assist your physical and spiritual life. We’ll also be reconnecting you to powerful spiritual forces that will assist, guide and protect you along the way.

Because the program I have put together is designed to engage you on every level of your life, there is no actual limit to where you can go and what you can do with WitchFitt. In short, the end goal of WitchFitt is to arm each and every pagan with the physical competency, mental fortitude and social skill to put our people at the forefront of society all at less than you'd pay for a month of personal training.

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About Me

Hypnotist, Sorceror and Trainer

 I've been at this for a long time now and it all boils down to two things: I walk my talk and I will always believe in your ability to succeed...even in those moments where you might not. 

I've trained hundreds of people in multiple disciplines over the decades and those two principles have always served me well. 

The one rule is this: You are always stronger than you think you are. Always. Stronger in willpower, stronger in body and stronger in spirit. 
When the chips are down and you feel deeply challenged, that's when you are going to find those hidden reserves of power that I'm going to show you. 

That's when you can dig deep and find the version of you that's always been there, waiting to be set loose upon the world. 
Best get used to hearing me tell you how "you got this".  Because you do. 



I was skeptical at first but the sheer depth and breadth of what you learn in WitchFitt is absolutely stunning. Nickolas really knows his stuff! 
I have learned so much and moved past so many obstacles that I barely feel like the same person I was when I began. 


Bamf. Plain and simple. I've trained with Nik in person and it's hard to really describe him, like many people in the occult fields. 
He's taught me a LOT about the energetic systems in my body and mind and it's been an absolute game-changer. I've been in the the occult game for decades now and his approach refreshingly different and powerful.


I've never met anyone like Nickolas. Someone who is so knowledgeable and approachable. He's helped me so many times through so many challenges, my sessions with him have always left me uplifted and empowered. 
He always sets up a 100% trustworthy and safe environment. 


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