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Past Life Regression

Spoiler alert: You don't stop existing when your body dies. 

Now that the surprise is ruined, lets talk about what Past life regression is and is not. 

Past Life Regression IS: 


  • A way to discover information from your soul's past that your soul needs for you to know in this lifetime. 

  • A unique opportunity to understand something about your Self on the truest deepest level, far past the social programming and limitations of this life.

  • A powerful method to relieve fear of death, change and instability in your life


Past Life Regression is NOT: 

  • A way to discover you were once someone famous or powerful

  • A sacrilegious experience

  • Something that you should undergo lightly

The most amazing thing about Past Life Regression isn't actually the life you gain knowledge from while in trance, its what you can apply to this where you are in the here and now.  That said, there are a lot of people who approach this work lightly and incorrectly. The depth of trance necessary to access this information can easily lead a client to be mislead or misexperience an event.  Because of this, you will need an experienced guide through the process.

  So, if you’re looking for resolution of a deep longing that you can’t quite identify. If you’re experiencing unhealthy patterns in your life that you just can’t explain. If you need insight because life keeps throwing curveballs. If, like all of us do, you need to know more about what comes after this life, book your strategy session now and gain the insight you need.


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