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My Mission is to Help You Embrace Abundance and Good Health

Hypnosis Will Help You Take Control of Your Life

Change is always is right around the corner, It's a never ending part of life. But, what if I told you that you could easily control that change in a way that intuitively, naturally and quickly took hold and moved you in the direction that you always wanted?
Are you ready to lose that weight? What about kicking those cigarettes to the curb?
Liberation Hypnosis is here to make it happen. 
This is your chance now. The opportunity to make it happen. To set a resolution and make that change you've always wanted actually work this time. 
And since my mission is to help you be free of those behaviors you no longer want and help you take control in your life, and add as much value as possible to this world, I've lowered my prices by $50 - $150 dollars. 
So, make that choice. Decide now that this moment will be YOUR deciding moment, the moment you take control and move forward freely and liberated from whats holding you back. . 

Are You Ready To Liberate Yourself?

I have one belief in my life that I operate from at all times:  As a human being, you have the right to live your life in joy and abundance. Not to be held back by addictions or bad habits. 
I've spent 23 years mastering the art of hypnosis to help as many others as possible be free from the things that would hold them back. 
When you're truly ready to set aside an addiction, whether it's cigarettes, sugar, drugs, alcohol or just a habit you've always wanted to kick, I'm here to help you free yourself. 


"I came in to see Nickolas so I could stop smoking. I was a bit nervous at first, but he clearly knew what he was doing. I went from a pack a day to being smoke free after the first session.  I don't even get cravings for cigarettes anymore. I honestly didn't think that was possible because I've tried so many times before but Nickolas explained how addiction works and how to rewire my brain and behaviors and it just worked."

Kate M.

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