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These video and audio recordings are a great source of personal change and empowerment for you to use if you haven't yet crossed the threshold of choosing to work with me directly. These recordings are incredibly effective and price efficient and you'll also find my classes and courses become available on this page as they are produced.  

Now you may find yourself asking: "Nik, do these recordings work as well as working with you personally?" and while there's no real replacement for one on one work, that level of work isn't ideal for many people, for many reasons. Hypnosis works within your unconscious mind and when using recorded methods, the effects you may achieve are profound. I've designed these recordings to be time focused and result oriented so you'll see powerful changes immediately. 


You may also ask yourself  "Can I buy a recording and work with you later?" and you absolutely can. I also provide custom recordings for my clients in one on one sessions.

Don't see something you want? Hit the button below and let me know what you're looking for and I'll get it made for you. And remember to check back consistently as this library will very quickly grow!

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Emotional Pain

Physical Pain


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Classes and Courses

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